Failsworth Est. 1903 

The company was incorporated under the name ‘The New Failsworth Hat Manufacturing Company’ on 2nd December 1903. Originally it had been founded in 1875 when it acquired the ‘Maypole Hat Works’, and in 1881 it moved to the site where it was to develop for many years ahead at Claremont Street, Failsworth, Manchester. The name of the company was finally converted to Failsworth Hats Limited in 1940.

What’s my size?

You take a tape measure and put it around the head one centimeter above the ears.

Hold the tape firmly, but not too tight. The centimeters equals your size.
(most common sizes are 57 to 61)


What to do if my cap gets wet?

Let it dry naturally, not too close to a source of heat.

What if my cap shrinks?

The caps are made of natural fibres. When they become wet, they might reduce slightly.

The easiest way to reshape the cap is to hold it above a kettle of steaming water and then softly reshape it on your knee.

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