Harry Stedman MADE IN USA OCBD 


The Harry Stedman MADE IN USA OCBD is a modern Ivy classic. Produced at none other than Brooks Brother’s North Carolina factory and boasting many of the same details featured in the Brooks shirts of yore, including:


  • An unlined collar with generous roll 
  • A six-button front
  • Lack of chest pocket (which recalls the pre-1958 Brooks Brothers shirts)
  • Soft, luxurious, lightweight oxford cotton 


The shirt is further elevated with the addition of staple boom-years Ivy details including: 


  • A third collar button 
  • Locker loop 
  • Gauntlet button and adjustable sleeve cuff 


For wear with a slim knit tie and soft-shouldered Ivy jacket, or casually, with your favourite pair of well-worn jeans…with this shirt you can do no wrong! 

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