Devoid of exterior branding and identifiable only by their nineteen stitch brim and premium fabrics, Poten produce what are perhaps the world's finest Baseball caps. 

A timeless accessory, as American as apple pie in styling, Poten caps are lovingly produced with attention to detail in Japan in the same factory utilised by the Nippon Professional Baseball league.  

The Poten Chu Zome Cap is constructed from Japanese iridescent nylon with a subtle camouflage sheen and features a cowhide sweatband which is sure to patina beautifully overtime.

Each cap comes with a collectible Baseball card swing tag as standard. 

The Details: 

  • Proudly Made in Japan
  • 100% Japanese Nylon  
  • Cowhide Sweatband
  • 19 Stitch Brim
  • Adjustable Strap Closure (One Size Fits All) 

Unleash your inner Ichiro with the finest in casual headwear! 

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